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I sincerely welcome guest bloggers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), online marketers, advertisers, and technology authors to write for this techno-marketing blog. needs assistance from all of you, And; I appreciate the quality and useful contributions from each of you.

Read before You Write the article.

It’s important to show the “perfect in you,” so must, no bargain on the quality of information and its presentation in your post. The readers of this blog are human just like you and me! Search engine bots come next to that.

Blog Statistics

  • Blog authors/contributors: 155
  • Total posts: 350
  • Total categories: 10
  • Google Page Rank = 2
  • Domain Authority (DA) = 53
  • Page Authority (PA) = 29
  • MozRank = 4.5

Note: Data last updated in October 2020.

How You can take Benefit from This Blog services

Free Guest Posting – Your Advantages

  • Get viewership and citations from a particular niche blog running since 2018.
  • Develop quality and permanent backlinks power to your website or blog.
  • Increase real organic and referral-based traffic to your website through the social sharing platform by the blog admin.
  • Earn do-follow links by one each from the body content and also the author bio section. Many do-follow links are allowed only for the paid articles or posts.
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Submission Guidelines for Authors

Being a technical or critical writer, I appreciate the effort required to write a good line of the article, so please follow a few instructions to maintain quality and increase the acceptability of your articles:

  • Choose niche or topic based on given categories or sections on the website home page top menu or in the website footer section. No other unrelated topics would be considered.
  • Support the word count range between 500 to 1000 words that readers can easily read, enjoy, and feel discussing it.
  • The content should be well-written and prepared, well-structured, grammatically perfect, and unpublished earlier.
  • Use enough diversity in your sentences.
  • Add subheadings like (h2, h3, h4) to increase the readability of the article.
  • Shorten your article paragraphs. Large words of paragraphs are surely NO-NO.
  • Statements length should not increase from 20 words per sentence.
  • Use Transition sentences like ‘more importantly,’ ‘because,’ ‘therefore,’ or ‘however’ to give sense to your readers and viewers.
  • Avoid words, including passive voice. Try to use their active matches.
  • Your email ID must have an image profile so that your photo is easily showed in the Author Bio section.
  • Use internal links or cross-references from related existing posts of, where suitable.
  • It is not allowed to use the outgoing links to an acceptable range. Maximum 2 Do-follow links are allowed to your client site or 3rd party sites—one from the body content and other from the writer bio sector.
  • Use the domain title or long-tail keywords or keyphrase for anchor text to support the natural linking design. Common SEO type keyword for Google ranking is not accepted for linking.
  • Send your article or post (only .doc or .docx) fileand relevant images (only .jpg or .png) as separate attachments can acceptable. Low file size images (web version) are more considered.
  • E-mail your article or post and images as attachments to [email protected] and expect to hear from me. Every article runs through editorial checks for any language and grammatical problems supported by the link analysis system.

Know Article Publishing Status

  1. Once received, your article will be examined within 4- 5 working days. An email will be conveyed to you, mentioning the results of approval. If you don’t get any reply after a week, please acknowledge your post as a “Not Approved post.”
  2. Once approved, I will publish your article or post within seven operation days and send the article URL via email.
  3. If you want to submit quality posts or articles regularly, I will create an author account for you to quickly upload your posts as a draft. Furthermore, to my editorial and technical review, the article will be published.

Things to Remember

Posting for free doesn’t mean one should use it just for making backlinks. The quality of data information, its fresh quality, and its usefulness to the readers mean everything to this blog or article. Writers, according to that standard, can expect their posts or articles to go active.

News-based posts, tutorials, DIY type non-commercial contents get more preference instead of short, regular SEO type posts.

The thing which is Not Allowed

  • Duplicate and copied content data
  • Illegal and porn adult content
  • Too much short content and unprofessional articles
  • Link to spam websites, google banned sites, adult websites or web-blog
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Pictures and Links
  • Copyrighted Images, Icons, Logos, Banners in Post

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For Further Inquiry

If you have some further queries or questions, please drop me an email at [email protected].